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CoADE Schoarship Application for NADE 2014 in Dallas, TX.

Welcome to the National Association for Developmental Education!

For over 30 years, the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) and its members have helped learners at all levels of preparedness realize their full academic potential. We encourage you to explore our site to learn more about developmental education; our professional association; and our services to learners, members, and educational institutions.

NADE 2014 Conference Registration

Registration for the NADE 2014 conference, to be held March 5-8 in Dallas, is now available only on-site. Online registration closed February 7.

The Call to Conference is posted on the conference website.

Paper registration form (regs postmarked after January 31 will be charged ON-SITE FEES)

Discuss Issues on NADE's Blog

Even if you've never blogged before, you'll find that it's easy to participate in discussions on NADE's new blog at You can visit the site to read content and share your ideas whenever you like; you can also subscribe to the site so that new postings arrive in your email box as they are posted. The site currently has four pages: home, recommended resources, issues in dev ed, and research. Visit today and often to discuss, learn, and collaborate with developmental educators around the world.

Contributors to the blog have referred to many important documents. We have created a page in the NADE website that contains links to documents mentioned by contributors to the blog. Visit Blog Materials to access links to these materials.






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February 2014 - Conference Letter