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Hillary Procknow

Dr. Hillary Procknow

Is the Developmental Education Program Coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin where she teaches Integrated Reading and Writing, and also serves on the university’s STEM Council for Undergraduate Education and the Council to Improve Undergraduate Writing. She taught the history and theory of US education, as well as, college study skills for several years at Louisiana State University. During her time in Baton Rouge, she earned a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, with a focus in the philosophy of education.

As the coordinator for the developmental program on UT’s campus, Hillary has worked over the past two years to enact Texas legislative reforms, including non-course competency based options, new testing instruments, and holistic advising. Part of these reforms required the creation of Integrated Reading and Writing courses, for which she assisted the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in delivering professional development across the state. As an instructor, Hillary describes her classes as an amalgam of critical thinking, interesting tangents, and joyful explorations.

Most recently, Hillary ran for school board in Austin’s Independent School District on a platform to end high stakes testing, eliminate the school to prison pipeline, and increase the presence of art and physical education. This is representative of her commitment to education as a joyful experience that should address the whole student.

In addition to her allegiance to meaningful learning and the transformative role of education, Hillary is dedicated to crossing the boundaries of academic disciplines. This commitment sprang from her experience earning her interdisciplinary masters degree in architectural studies at UT, which exposed her to the importance of visual literacy, intellectual risk-taking, and the cultural influences on education.