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CoADE 2015 Fall Conference

Riding Across the Curriculum: Helping Students Develop Cross-Disciplinary Thinking



CoADE Fall 2015 Conference

Greetings, Colleagues!
On October 16, 2015, the Colorado Association for Developmental Education will hold its fall conference!
The college journey for many students begins with a developmental education course. Traditionally, developmental courses focused on foundational skills such as grammar and paragraph development or fractions and basic linear equations.  However, when taught in isolation or without context, students might be successful in our courses, but then not apply those skills and thinking patterns in a different course.   Luckily for us, the academic settings in which we work are vibrant ecosystems of talented faculty who all have the same goal: student success.  We can draw on faculty from across different disciplines to see how the skills we teach apply in different courses.  Similarly, we can use our expertise in developmental pedagogy and critical thinking assisting our colleagues to appropriately scaffold assignments allowing students to make connections from course to course and discipline to discipline.  So, instead of looking at developmental courses as just skill building, we want to explore how we can help our students think dynamically and reveal how concepts we teach fortify learning in their future courses. We want to show our students that we are all guides on the same path: developers of student learning. - Your CoADE Board


Friday, October 16, 2015

Meet and Greet!!
Thursday, 15 October 6:30 PM

105 E Riverwalk, Pueblo 81003

Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Hillary Procknow
8:30 AM in the Barb Fortino Ballroom
in the Student Center.
Keynote Speaker
Developmental Education Program Coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin (Short Bio)


Pueblo Community College
900 West Orman Ave Ste. SC
Pueblo, CO 81004 (Map)




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Proposal Information
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We want you to share your best practices.  What are you doing that will help your colleagues negotiate the changes and help make your students successful?  Your proposal can share something on a larger-scale like a piloted program or on a smaller scale like a new way to teach a developmental skill.